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About it:

This project introduce the concept or O-R Mappings Tools.

Besides it is an small version of current O-R Mapping tools it really easy to use, and quicly to learn.

By Attributes and Generic in .NET 2.0 The Engine DAL reduce the Data Access Layer to one call.

This code is written in C# 2.0 and is based on Microsoft Enterprise Library June 2006 for .NET framework 2.0.

Define an Entity Business Like Client, Order, Invoice, etc. and next decorate it with attibutes from this framework, like the example below:

using Comunidad.Sistema;
using Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Data;

 [ConnectionStringName("NORTHWIND"), ReadMethodName("OrderRead")]
public class Orden 
        private int? numeroOrden;
        [ColumnName("OrderID"), ParameterName("@OrderID", IsPrimaryKey  true, IsForCreate  false)]
        public int? NumeroOrden
            get { return numeroOrden; }
            set { numeroOrden = value; }
        private DateTime fecha;

        [ColumnName("OrderDate"), ParameterName("@OrderDate")]
        public DateTime Fecha
            get { return fecha; }
            set { fecha = value; }

       //.. and so on 


After that you just have to invoke the engine in on line of code, like this:

         DataSet ds = EngineDAL<Orden>.ListarDS(new Orden());

The main attributes are:
  • ConnectionStringName("name of connection in web.config")
  • ReadMethodName("Store Procedure to get a list")
  • Columnname("NameofColumnInSQLDataBase")

Namespace to call:
  • Comunidad.Sistema
  • Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Data

More Info and Examples:

url to introduce this tool in my blog *

An introduction of Data Access Layer *
  • Only in spanish language.

Current Release Version (Includes code)

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